Travel to your roots in Europe

Interested in retracing your roots in Europe, travel to the sites of your family history and maybe even invest in projects for the local communities there? Then maybe we can help you in your quest to get in touch with your past! 

Travelling back to your family roots may be a familiar thought coming to you every one once in a while, especially those who have (strong) family ties to another continent or country or still have relatives living abroad. Reading in your family history may trigger some special string inside you, making you want to try and find these places your ancestors grew up and maybe return again - for good? Or to meet relatives, from whom you know they should still be living in your ancestors’ former home country.

A next step could be to re-create something from the past, in your ancestral hometown, helping the local community to restore a piece of their (and your) cultural heritage...

Retracing the family history itself will be mainly your part of our common quest. But once you have found some first traces, names of (family) homes, locations or regions in the country where your ancestors came from or other details – this is probably the first spot where we can come in and be of assistance. Getting in touch with municipalities, local archives, other offices or even your relatives can be difficult, especially if you live far away, and lack the time and (language) knowledge to take the first step. Though we may not be familiar with every European region and culture, we can at least try to establish a contact. And in many regions in Western, Central and Eastern Europe we are happy to help you beyond this point!

Your search deepens

As your quest takes you further, you may start thinking of making a trip, to have a look at your ancestral home. Or at least to get some documentation on the area, receive some recent images or an eye-witness report. This is also an area where we may be able to give you some more assistance, within certain restrictions: we are not a news agency being able to send out reporters any time, any place, nor a travel agent, dedicated to organising trips to your ancestral roots.

But from this step onwards it can become more and more interesting for you, as well as for us: maybe you have already become interested to buy property, or to help your relatives and the local community to restore your ancestral home. Or to join them in any other project to support the local economy or ecology, from a tourist trail or restoring cultural heritage, to keeping local traditions alive. Or by creating a nature reserve, a local crafts centre, or an information or a community centre.

This requires insight in local economy and culture, but also on the real estate market (is it possible for a non-local to buy property?) and funding opportunities, when setting up a project. And: what can the local government do for you, are they interested at all to cooperate and participate in such projects and ideas?

Again: we may not have all the answers, but we would be happy to act as brokers of information and contacts, brainstorm about setting up a project and discuss the funding opportunities. We are happy to make you an offer!

 Have you become curious? Just contact us!

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